What is Friendship Day?


Friends are like Heaven sent angels. There is a day to celebrate friendship around the world, and that is Friendship day. The founder of Hallmark cards came up with the idea of Friendship Day back in 1930. It is celebrated on the first Sunday in August in India. Friendship bracelets and gifts are exchanged between people to celebrate their bond of friendship on friendship day.Friendship quotes are sent galore and people bask in the beauty of their relationship with their friends. 

Friendship is one of the most coveted relationships that one shares with people. Good friendships evoke feelings of comfort, safety and oneness among people.

Friendship Day gives people who haven’t spoken in a while with their friends.

Earlier in the day, it was difficult to maintain friendship with people because of limited modes of communication between people – letters and telephone.People would lose touch with their acquaintances, who had the potential to become good friends.

But now with apps to make friends and social media sites, it is much easier to find new friends and maintain contacts with existing friends. One such social media app is Lovebuddies(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lovebuddies.in). It is a social media app to make friends, date or chat with people casually. There are filters which help search for friends based on your location, age requirement and such. There is a chat feature as well in this designated app to make friends and date. 

You can chat with your existing friends or send friend requests to people, which if they accept, you can chat with. Also, you can set your intent with this app to make friends and date, on whether you are looking for something serious, or are looking for friends or something casual, unlike a lot of dating apps. 

With this app to make friends and date, soon you’ll be sending Friendship Day quotes to people that you find and interact with. We hope that by Friendship Day 2022, you’ll have made a ton of friends through the app.

As a friendship quote goes – ‘True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart’.