Valentines on a Cruise 2019

Love needs space and quality time two people need to spend together. Valentine’s Day is the season and occasion. 

Spend quality time in the serenity of ocean and gracefulness.


Package Details:


  • Sail on a cruise with your loved one and spend some precious and private moments enjoying cruise luxury and the beauty of the ocean.
  • Enjoy entertainment available on the cruise like dance, games, etc. (Each cruise has it’s own speciality).
  • Lunch, Dinner and food available on the cruise.

Cruise destinations:

Any Asian countries depends on availability at the time of booking.


1 to 10 days depending on availability at the time of booking and budget.

Pickup Available from cities: 

Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi.


✓ Any of the cities mentioned in the package to cruise transport and return.

✓ Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or meals as provided on the cruise.

✓ Cruise stay according to the package.


✓ Whatever not mentioned in package.

✓ Additional or extra activities you do or purchase on the cruise or off the cruise.



RS. 60,000-2,00,000 per couple.

To book or enquire fill out the form below:



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