Lovebuddies advice to Elon Musk on relationship

In a recent interview, Elon Musk revealed that he had been in severe emotional pain due to his break-up with girl friend.

It becomes difficult for you to cope with emotional pain when breakup happens to those who really value relationships. If one wants to have just an affair or one night stand with partner then they don’t suffer that much emotional pain. Think, Elon Musk have everything – money, fame, look and what’s not. If it can happen with him, then happen with others too.

Though, he Elon Musk is able to cope with the situations, Lovebuddies gives advice to him as well as other people who face the same problem in their life.

1. Make a list of people who share positive vibes with you. Text, call or talk to them.

2. Many people keep checking social media profile of the person whom they have broke-up. While others say not to do that, we say if it gives you relief then just do it. If you will not see the update from the person, you’ll not be in peace. At an extent you will do that then gradually move on.

3. Think broadly. Imagine that there is an ocean and you can find a pearl from it. Don’t worry if you lost one.

4. Keep faith alive in yourself. Hope is everything. Bad phase should not end your life. Bad phase too shall pass. Think about future positively.

5. Start multiple activities that can connect you with like-minded and kind of people you want in your life.

We hope this.will help you cope with your relationship situations if not full then at certain extent.

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