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How to start a relationship (for a boy & for a girl)

Are you tired of being single?

Can’t you find the right person for starting a relationship with?

Are you tired of going on boring dates and then getting no response?

If yes, you are at the right place as here, we will help you finding the right person to date and start your relationship with. To be very honest, relationships can get really scary for amateurs or those who have been single for quite a long time. You not only worry about finding the right person but also you start over thinking about the future of the relationship.

And, it is out of these fears that you start avoiding having the basic conversations regarding relationships or going into a commitment with another person. However, it’s high time you should let go of your fears and start planning a relationship with the best person.

Here, in this article, we will discuss a few tips which will help you finding the right person and initiating a relationship.

You have to focus on the present

Most times, you let your past define your present actions. For example, if you were hurt badly by your previous partner, you will always hesitate to start a new relationship. Similarly, if you have experienced trauma in the past, you will judge the new person based on your perspective. Such things are not healthy for your love life. If you want to start a relation with someone, you need to leave the past behind and move on in the present because that’s what will matter.

Mutual attraction is essential

A relationship will only work when feelings and emotions are same from both sides. If you aren’t attracted to your partner but he or she is towards you, there is no point of initiating the talks because then, the commitment will feel suffocating and son, it will become toxic. So, make sure that the person with whom you want to start the relationship feels the same about you just like you do.

Do not initiate important talks over messages

When we are conversing through messages, only a bunch of words are explained. The feelings that you have or the thoughts behind those words can’t be conveyed properly, and that can cause some real disasters, especially when it’s a new commitment. This is why you need to initiate the important and vital talks only when you are face to face with the concerned person.

Don’t try to change yourself

In a relationship, it’s very important to be yourself. If you are changing your personality, your lifestyle, or your habits just to impress the other person so that the relationship goes smoothly, you are actually creating a trap for yourself. So, if you want a non-toxic and healthy relationship, be yourself and also, never try to change the person with whom you want to start a new phase of your life.


No matter what, compatibility, understanding, and trust are the three main factors which will decide whether the relationship is going to last long or not. Make sure you are choosing a person who shares at least similar thoughts like you, if not more. Also, make sure that you feel comfortable and ease around that person. If you don’t feel safe and comfortable at the beginning, your relationship wouldn’t last long.