Before Getting Married – Things to Know Before You Say “I Do”

So, you and your partner have finally decided to begin a new life together. Congratulations. Before you get caught up with the wedding preparations and plans, you may want to know a couple of secrets to a happy married life.


We may want to warn you that life may not be a bed of roses. But with some dedication and commitment, you both can make a wonderful couple. Both of you must get to know each other to strengthen your bond.


Here are few pointers that wedding experts and lawyers highly recommend. Why don’t you take a note of it then?


  • Understand each other very well


Most marriages would be stronger and better if the partners take the time to communicate effectively. More than wanting to spend lives tougher, you need to understand your partner’s beliefs, feelings, and thoughts.


You do not want to find yourself always at the wrong end of the conversation. Have a chat and see which side you end up on. It is still unnecessary to agree with him/her, but you can politely put your point or argument.


  • Place your stance on kids


A conversation about having kids is always meaningful. How many do you want and when you want to have them? Knowing the answer to these two questions can save a lot of hassle and confusion.


Usually, it depends on your life, age, priorities, and commitments. Both of you need to be physically, financially, and mentally prepared to have kids. Many couples or partners do not tend to have this conversation and, in the end, suffer in needless pain.


  • A chat about your financial goals is good


You and your fiancé must be on the same page regarding finances. In today’s gloomy economy, either one of you must have a steady job. Perhaps, your partner may want to pursue further education or plan a business.


It is unnecessary to think about pension when you are in the mid-20s but having a small discussion about budgeting on different aspects is always right. You never know what may lie down the road that may damage your lives; hence it is best to be prepared.

  • Do things that you like together


You can ask any happily married couple about they managed to pull it off so long. Don’t be surprised if they tell you that they did most of the things together. That is right. Doing things together like washing dishes, cooking, dancing, gardening, and the like strengthens the relationship.


You both enjoy each other’s company and seem to like what you are doing. It could be anything. If you want to play a game of carrom, ludo, chess, then go for it. Any game or hobby that involves both of you is beneficial to your marriage.  


The above were some useful pointers that any couple might want to know before getting married. If you know somebody who is planning to get married soon, why don’t you favor and share these pointers?