About Lovebuddies.in Affiliate Program:

Lovebuddies.in Affiliate Program helps you earn by referring it’s products and services to friends or other networks.

How it works?

It’s simple. You have to fill-up the Affiliate form given below. Your account will be generated and the details will be sent to you in your registered e-mail id. You will be sent promo campaigns regularly. You have to refer it to friends, family and your network and earn profit sharing on sales generated by you.

What are the products or services?

Lovebuddies.in is couple gifting theme based brand and have many products and services. You can go through the site. Currently, following products and services are open for Affiliates.

Club Membership

Honeymoon / Couple Tour

Movie Ticket Booking

Value Package

Other products and services will be open for the affiliates soon.

I am not from India. Can I be Lovebuddies Affiliate?

Anyone from any country can become Lovebuddies Affiliate but the products and services are available in India only. We are planning to launch our services and Affiliate Program in other countries soon.

How much I can earn from Lovebuddies Affiliate Program?

Lovebuddies Affiliate get 90% of the profit share generated by his/her sales.

When I will be paid my earned money?

You will get your earned amount within 30 days of the sales amount received by us.

Is there any payment threshold?

There’s no payment threshold. You can withdraw all the amount you earned.

How will I get my payment?

You will get payment through money transfer in your bank.

What name it will reflect in my account?

It will be from ‘SAMSTAR ENTERPRISES’.

If I have a further questions, whom to contact?

E-mail us at: connect@lovebuddies.in, WhatsApp: 8734816697 or Go to http://www.lovebuddies.in/contact/

Fill-up the form below to join Lovebuddies Affiliate Program

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